Last night’s Full Moon- a Wolf Moon, no less, had me all over the place. (Was it just me?) I was fizzing with a restless, productive energy and could virtually feel the synapses sparking as I worked relentlessly to finish off some tasks that had been hanging around my neck weighing me down with more than their fair share of guilt and self importance. I was up at 5.30am writing blog posts, and fell into bed wired but shattered around 11pm. Note: this is NOT my normal pattern…


Until recently- say the last decade, I was only vaguely aware of the phases of the moon, unless there was a particularly noticeable event (such as an eclipse, I would definitely notice that!) Nowadays I notice not only the state of the moon, but I am acutely aware of how it affects me physically, emotionally and creatively.

Beliefs that the position of the moon and planets can affect our own, human energy have been part of the human psyche for centuries, though these days those of us in tune and sensitive enough to witness these energy shifts tend to be marginalised into the ‘quirky (nuts) brigade. Unfairly, I believe! The term lunacy derived from the notion that the incidence of violence and mayhem increased with the fullness of the moon; indeed, amongst hospital emergency staff and police officers ‘moon madness’ is legendary, even if it isn’t, I admit, a scientifically proven fact.

Anyhow it got me thinking whether the state of the moon might affect my creativity. Undoubtedly, I am a cyclical girl. In addition to the normal feminine cycles that impact mood and energy I know I am subject to seasonal cycles (Spring= birth, renewal, sowing of seeds; Summer= exploration and contented, confident creativity; Autumn= harvesting and preparation; Winter= Rest and Introspection, hibernation,) as well as diurnal (I’m generally a morning person with a real energy lag after lunch!)


With this full moon as I mentioned I’ve been restlessly energetic, adrenalized and intense. This is a dangerous situation for me as with every adrenalin burst comes a crash, and the higher and faster the wave the greater the fall; I’ve had to learn to manage it. But it is great for productivity and creativity. It seems to be a tine for casting off limiting mind sets and outgrown habits, tying up loose ends and getting shit done.

As the moon begins to wane, I become a little more circumspect. I can see the big picture more clearly; I take stock of the burst of growth that’s been taking place, and start pulling things together, identifying and solving problems and looking ahead.

With a New moon, there is a calm, expressive energy, and I become confidently creative again, generating ideas and acting upon them. It’s a time of clarity and productivity, and fertile territory for new insights. I tend to feel strong emotionally, and enjoy working with people (which isn’t the case when I’m in introspective, ‘hibernation’ mode!)

I don’t know; maybe I’m reading too much into it all and this Full Moon has touched my brain a little. But if farmers have traditionally harnessed the cycles of the moon to determine their planting schedules, maybe I should take notice if I want to enhance my creativity? Undoubtedly in our modern era there are many more factors that determine our energy levels and creative urges, but I like to think there’s a small place for La Luna in my heart…


Tell me what you think- am I mad? Or is there something in this?!



Artwork: mixed media collage 35cm x 25cm