“An outgoing introvert, a seeker of quiet spaces in a busy world and a self-taught painter, Maryanne is an ambassador for positivity, compassion and empathy in the art world and beyond. With successful careers in Garden Design and Portrait Photography behind her, she now paints full time and lives and works between the Wye Valley, Devon and her family’s homeland, Cornwall.”

I was a reflective and observant child, and a young adult who ‘thought too much’, and as I enter the second half of my life I am determined to embrace my this sensitive and empathic side of my spirit and finally succumb to the visceral urge to create, using my heart and my hands as my tools. Denying this need is not an option any more- this much I know to be true; art keeps me sane.


Over the last thirty years I have worked and studied in the fields of Geography and Environment, Garden Design, Photography and Positive Psychology. All these paths have led me to painting, which feels like the essence of my past experiences- I am becoming the sum of all the people I have ever been.



I came to painting in my 50th year, and have so much to say now I have stepped into my creative prime, with fresh eyes and a Beginner’s Mind. I am happy to spend my 10,000 hours – and more- in honing and practicing my craft, in order to create work that prompts you to pause, and feel, and experience the calm of being present in a moment.


My work may be relatively new to the world but a growing tribe of supporters, cheerleaders and collectors are following my progress in social media and are awaiting my first public shows in Devon, UK and Prague.  I want to make art for the deep thinkers and the open minded, the explorers and the intuitives; those that seek awakening, grounding, and meaning amongst the ordinary.

One of my supporters told me;

“I’ve never understood Abstract Art – I always thought it wasn’t for me. Now I know better; it’s simply a matter of feeling it.”