A little Full Moon Madness

Last night’s Full Moon- a Wolf Moon, no less, had me all over the place. (Was it just me?) I was fizzing with a restless, productive energy and could virtually feel the synapses sparking as I worked relentlessly to finish off some tasks that had been hanging around my... read more

Time, family and how things change

We’ve just spent a quiet family Christmas, just the five of us including mum. Last year we hosted 18 -20 people over several days, as we entertained extended family and friends who had nowhere else to be. Two very different Christmases in lots of ways. As I went for... read more

The making of a painting; timelapse

I set up my camera to record a quick painting demo. It’s become one of my most popular posts on Instagram and Facebook so I hope to do more of these- it’s fun to watch the image taking... read more

A Tale of Four Paintings

This is a story of four paintings that went out into the world unloved. Well, maybe there was a glimmer of feeling, but they tried their hardest to resist being loveable. They wanted to tell the truth, and frankly I didn’t feel comfortable with that. Lets back track.... read more

Welcome to my studio (video)

This was my first attempt at a live Facebook broadcast, which, once I’d overcome the wobbly broadband issues, was fairly successful I think! If you’re interested to see what the inside of my studio looks like, come and take a look… Oh, and here is a... read more

Ex Post Gallery, Prague; ‘She Spoke’

I’ve always wanted to visit Prague; its reputation as a compact, cultural, friendly and vibrant city appealed to me a great deal. It so happened that I was destined to visit as an artist rather than a mere tourist; how exciting! The culmination of the Becoming... read more

A Sense of Place; Corris Residency

You know how you sometimes extend your neck into the clouds and tell yourself… “if only I had time… if only I could escape from under the weight of my responsibilities… if only I didn’t have all these distractions…” If only… if only…. If only we knew that life is all... read more

Strange Creatures- The World of Angela Carter

Above: Join The Circus Caroline Waite 2012 A few weeks ago I found myself immersed in the gothic and other-worldly imaginings of the much loved novelist Angela Cater at  the The Royal West of England Academy exhibition: Strange Worlds, The Vision of Angela Carter.... read more

A Walk in the Mountains- Zermatt, Switzerland

“The mountain has left me feeling renewed, more content and positive than I’ve been for weeks, as if something has been given back after a long absence, as if my eyes have opened once again. For this time at least, I’ve let myself be rooted in the unshakable sanity of... read more

From Thinking to Seeing; A Mindful Way to View Art

Mindfulness is a buzzword right now, and you may have dabbled in a bit of meditative walking, or tried to eat your lunch mindfully- but did you know that there are even benefits to viewing art in a mindful way? The gifts of mindfulness are becoming well understood and... read more

Are We Right For Each Other?

One of the tasks set for me by my guide, mentor and friend, Jessica Serran  is to imagine- nay, create- in detail the exact person who will become a loyal supporter and collector of my work. We both believe that what we mould and visualise in our mind’s eye not only... read more

Where Am I, And How Did I Get Here? Part 2

  So, now I’m an artist. Was it really that easy?Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download Yes, and no. Winding back a bit. In January 2014 I wrote this post on my photography blog explaining why I was no longer a photographer, in a business sense, anyway. A... read more