Mindfulness is a buzzword right now, and you may have dabbled in a bit of meditative walking, or tried to eat your lunch mindfully- but did you know that there are even benefits to viewing art in a mindful way? The gifts of mindfulness are becoming well understood and in relation to appreciating art it is possible to use the same techniques to gain a deeper understanding of, or rather, an engagement with, a piece of art. By deeply and peacefully connecting with a work of art , without pre-conception and judgement, you might learn something about the artist-  more likely you will achieve a level of understanding of your own experiences, memories and emotions and how they colour your view of the world. A mindful approach will certainly enhance your enjoyment of art in every day life.

From Thinking to Seeing; A Mindful Way to View {Abstract} Art is a downloadable eBook I have written to celebrate the launch of my new website and it is my gift to you when you sign up for my newsletter. Fear not, you wont be bombarded as I wont be sending out Newsletters all that often, maybe monthly.

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I hope you enjoy the eBook. Let me know if you decide to try any of the techniques and how you get on- I’d love to hear.