I’ve always been intrigued by the vibrant and shifting landscapes of the mind, a self confessed pop psychologist. Above anything I’m captivated by the influence of what we can’t see – how the unseen energies of people, spaces and places affect how we perceive the world, and how this energy contributes to a complex and turbulent emotional topography.

Recently, I’ve discovered how making and exploring art can be a way of mapping and navigating my ‘interior landscapes.’

I explore this psychological territory using spontaneous, organic brushstrokes and expressive mark making, discovering enigmatic, half-imagined forms, echoes of a dream or a childhood memory; abstract images moulded by my thoughts, values, beliefs and experiences.

This exploration is not always so exclusively introspective, of course. Being so sensitive to my surroundings, reflecting the vibration of Place as well as the people that populate it, offers the truest sense of my Self,  reflected in paint. Sometimes the work reflects the seen environment in an abstracted landscape; more often, other senses prevail.

My process is intuitive and meditative, an unfolding of thought in shape and colour.  Finally completing a piece often feels like a homecoming- yet to a place I’ve never been before; a celebration of our transient lives.